M8 Universal Stretch Cord Kit

Cargo Containment System



  • Kit includes 10 adjustable nylon hooks and 5 O-rings
  • Ultra Light Material
  • Proprietary Polyurethane
  • Cord Material will not break or become brittle in extreme weather conditions.
  • Cord Material is not damaged or affected by oil, diesel, gasoline or saltwater.
  • Cord Material will not lose it stretch and will stretch to twice its length.
  • Patented adjustable hook ends
  • Hook material is as strong or stronger than metal hooks with a 200 lbs. break rating.
  • M8 Universal Kit is easy to pack and carry.
  • Adjustable – no need to cut the cord to adjust to a different length quickly adjusts to variable lengths
  • Will not scratch or gouge
  • Proudly made in the USA


The M8 Universal Stretch Cord Kit comes in a spool with 50’ of 5/16" of stretch cord, 10 adjustable non-scratching hooks, 5 “O” rings for creating spidering effect. A great replacement for any current materials used for securing gear. Safely stretches up to 2x original length. Available in Tactical Black or Military Olive Green.