Trusted by those who serve and protect

The WindRose Group is a premier provider of quality tactical, safety and survival gear for military, law enforcement, and government agencies.  Our products are trusted around the world by men and women who

serve to protect.

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Who we are

The WindRose Group LLC is a Sales and Marketing Agency representing The Best of Class products with concentration on the Military, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies categories.

Through our years of selling experience and service to our country, The WindRose Group LLC is uniquely position to provide expert product knowledge to our account base.

The WindRose Group LLC believes that Integrity is the highest quality of success.  Period.  It is reflected in our people and our products.

“Integrity is the highest quality of success.  Period.”


Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies have more important things to worry about than their gear.  We strive to give them the best products for the job.  Browse our product line for more information.

United States Military

Many of our products are perfect for military applications.  In fact, they are engineered for it.  Browse our products to find solutions perfect for the men and women who protect our country.

Government agency

Goverment Agencies trust The Windrose Group, LLC.  We understand the unique challenges that these agencies face and we’re able to provide the best solutions possible.