Light/Heavy Duty Tactical Jack



  • 2 Versions Available: Light Duty Version & Heavy Duty Version
  • Base Unit
  • Universal Extension Tower
  • HMMWV Specific Extension Tower
  • Soft Surface Cleat
  • Base Plate Attachment
  • Lock Pin and Key
  • A500 tube steel rate to a maximum tensile strength of 75,000 psi


The Tactical Jack is an adjustable unit that works like a fulcrum on the vehicle’s axle to provide a quick, easy way to lift the tire off the ground. Made of heavy duty
steel, both the Light Duty and Heavy Duty Tactical Jacks provide a dependable solution to change times on a variety of vehicles and trailers.
--Can decrease the time needed to change a tire down to as little as nine minutes
--Easier to handle and more dependable than hydraulic jacks which can fail and break over time
--Adjustable to a variety of axle heights; works with either a round or square axle